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Wastewater Treatment Plant Project

These Stainless Steel spool pieces were fabricated for a waste water treatment facility, they were made to replace existing pipework that had become extremely dilapidated. These pieces were measured on site, then fabricated in our work shop. Then were re-installed to replace old existing pipework.

10" sch10 Stainless Steel for Wastewater Treatment Plant

Treatment Plant Welding

10" Stainless Steel 45 Degrees Spools

Spool Manufacture and Welding

14" Stainless Steel Reducing To 10" For Waste Water Treatment Plant

Reducing Pipework

10" sch10 Tee Spool Piece

Tee Spool Piece Welders

Fabricated Spools for Residential Apartments

All these spool pieces were fabricated for a new heating system installation in residential apartments, the spools were made for connecting onto fixed pumps skids and around the boiler set up.

Various Sized Spool Pieces

Various Spools

Various Spools for Boiler Setup

Boiler Welding

Various Sized Spools Waiting to be Delivered

Welders Delivery on Completion

Fabricated Spools for Natural Gas Main

These spool pieces were fabricated for a new natural gas main, suppling a Restaurant and cinema complex gas meter station, which then fed each restaurant separately. These pieces were made from technical drawings supplied by the main building contractor.

4 Inch Mild Steel to Serve a Gas Main in a Cinema

Gas Main Welding for Cinema and Commercial

3 Inch Mild Steel Gas Pipework

Gas Pipework Welding Services Company

6 Inch Mild Steel Gas Spool Piece

Mild Steel Welding

Welding Brands Used
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